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If you are interested on how Geo IP filtering improves security environments, feel free to check out these videos. PacketViper demonstrates how geo Ip filtering improves the network security layer.
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Frank Trama President & Co-Founder of Viper Network Systems which develops PacketViper a Geo Ip Network Filter. Technology has always been something I've enjoyed from the moment I plugged in my Atari 800xl. Since then each corner brings something new, and challenging. With Viper Network Systems my day to day is filled with excitement watching our product develop and grow. Although challenging, I enjoy being a part of something which is appreciated and embraced. This motivates not just myself, but everyone on the PacketViper product team. Viper Network Systems has been the catalyst which has made me dive deep into network security, and challenge today's practices. My goal has always been to simplify the whole network security day to day. This all stemming from my very own personal frustation and experiences in Information Technology, specifically network security.  

PacketViper was something born from my own challenges when trying to filter based on the geo ip. This churned in my head for many years while managing networks. I knew there had to be some better method to control global IP addresses into the security environment. Working with many different firewall vendors I knew this needed to be a noncomplex layer in network security. I never understood why geo location had to be complex, specifically to restrict a country to a port, bi-directionally, in other words geo ip filtering. I went down the same road as most network security administrators when looking for solutions filter countries or its geo IP location. We knew this would be challenging and the old thinking had to be ripped away, and a new approach had to be found.

Luckily, I stayed focused, asked questions, connected with the right people, and now it's reality. PacketViper has become exactly what we set out to do to improve network security layers affordably, and simply. I'm looking forward to the next few years.

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Frank Trama President Co-founder
Frank Trama
Frank Trama President & Co-Founder
Frank Trama Guest Speaker ISACA Security Conference Spain
The preconception we always run into is that Geo Location filtering is more cumbersome than its worth.  If you would have told me 5 years ago “You should block countries”, I would be the first one to push back.  It was such a nightmare if you turned off a country given the global makeup of business. We had to rip out the pages and start new when building PacketViper, and knew the fight would be more with the preconceive thinking of country blocking.

PacketViper solved the problem of filtering countries by allowing customers to drop or allow specific ports.  This started new security layer called the Geo IP filtering layer. Piling on features such as per port Global Network Lists, Custom rules, Triggers, and alerts which can be assigned to countries, and Global Network Lists. This created a new layer of defense that improved current environments with out having to rip or replace the existing security environment